Step 1

Is this public art?

The Public Art Archive recognizes and respects the wide variety of practices and forms that public art takes, ranging from the permanent to the ephemeral; traditional sculpture to projects focused on social exchange, intervention, and engagement; and those works supported by public or private or a combination of funding sources. To qualify for inclusion in the Public Art Archive, a work of public art must meet two requirements:
  • The work must be publicly viewable.
  • The work must be sanctioned, commissioned, placed, or displayed through an official acquisition process.
If it is unclear whether your work fits the requirements for the Archive, contact us.

Step 2

Do you have all the necessary information to submit a complete record?

Required fields include:
  • title
  • artist
  • owner
  • collection
  • year (created)
  • street address
  • worktype
  • materials
  • description
  • images (at least 2 preferred & up to 7)
  • image rights holder (usually this is the photographer)

Step 3

Have you read the Content Submission Agreement?

Your submission, including past submissions, of content to WESTAF for inclusion in the Archive will indicate your assent to all of the terms and conditions of this agreement between you and WESTAF. Please read the agreement carefully if you intend to submit content to WESTAF.

Step 4

Media Requirements

  • Images: jpg format, 1 MB (min file size) – 4 MB (max file size), 1024 pixels (min) – 2000 pixels (max)
  • Documents: doc, docx, pdf formats accepted – 2 MB (max file size)
  • Audio: mp3, wav format – 2 MB (max file size), around 2 minutes in duration
  • Video: mov, mpg, mp4, avi format – 5 MB (max file size), around 2 minutes in duration