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Getting Ready for the Holidays with the Public Art Archive! - Public Art Archive
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Getting Ready for the Holidays with the Public Art Archive!

By November 21, 2022 December 21st, 2022 No Comments

It’s that time again! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means it’s also time to plan the perfect place to take your holiday photos. The Public Art Archive is here to help: functional works of public art – especially seating in this case – provide the perfect site-specific and creative backdrop for showcasing you and your loved ones for the holidays and year-round! Wherever you might be in the country for the holidays, whether you’re seeking to accommodate a large party, wanting a vibrant and unique setting, or maybe you’re looking to add a human or furry friend for your photo, PAA has you covered. Here are some of our favorite public artworks featuring seating from across the US! Don’t forget to tag or credit the artist to spread some extra holiday joy!

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Away from loved ones? Need an extra family member? Want to be transported? Check out these artworks for some additional inspiration!