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Today we want to take a moment to celebrate and thank our supporters and social media followers! 💛 Thank you for helping us make public art *more* public! (Image: Fat Happies. By Barrett C DeBusk. City of Palm Desert Art in Public Places Program. Courtesy: Barrett C DeBusk) #paa PAArchive photo
New blog post about our collaborative project with Laura A. Macaluso @monumentculture #humanitiesforall
New on the Public Art Archive! 🎊 Check out this amazing mural from Indiana’s Putnam County Mural Project!

Image: 2019 Greencastle Silo Project (2019). By Key Detail. Putnam County Mural Project. Courtesy: Putnam County Mural Project

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PAArchive photo
Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Take a peek at this free public art exhibition curated by female artists in the UK. #PublicArt #PAA #PublicArtists #FemaleArtists
😍Love this blog! Explore the CaFÉ Team’s Favorite Public Artworks with the Public Art Archive™